As a Generalist Designer, with a master's in Critical & Creative Thinking/Human Development, my passion is to generate original, valuable ideas that have practical solutions. To this end, I have a business that links thinkers to doers, experts in an industry who are in the position to develop and bring innovation to market. As a consultant, I assist on the design, planning, and governance of projects of any kind by analyzing to improve an organization, process or product. My mission is uncovering missed potential by taking a harder look to reshape goods and services in ways that will enhance their usefulness and enjoyment. Opportunities for growth are often missed because people settle in with thoughts of ‘It’s all good!’ … but for creative and unconventional thinkers ‘good’ is never good enough. Disruptive innovation is rebellion against the status quo and requires embracing ambiguity when analyzing problems, culture and trends for solutions that serve people while increasing profits. However change can be risky, which is why innovation struggles to get out of an ongoing concern. Most products and organizations have evolved over trial and error time, so pruning and grafting is required to when adding ‘new’ to ‘tried and true’ for healthy, future growth.

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